5 Blends to Relieve Back-to-School Stress

As school begins it helps to rebuild your daily routines. It can be stressful on the whole family. Having your students at their best for school often means finding ways to support balance in the morning, through the school day, and later on during homework hours.

Here are five natural tools that have been crafted to help kids focus, relax, and release tension so that every day at school and at home is a good day. These kid-appropriate fusions will help your kids and teens and even you feel healthy, protected and focused for all occasions.

What blends are best to calm back to school nerves?

  1. Awaken essential oil blend: Set the tone for a positive day, with the smell of bright citrus and pure mint. This uplifting scent is a great way to help pick up the energy of the morning shuffle.
  2. Kids Immune Power: Protect against the sniffles and sneezes your kids might find on the playground or in the classroom BEFORE they become an issue. This blend is great for daily immune defense. Use on the go in our Ready-to-Apply blend for a convenient support throughout the day. Or for additional defense, try adding a few drops to your hand sanitizer, liquid soap, or lotion to use for enhanced protection. Don’t forget adults, you can use this too!
  3. Attention essential oil blend: Our top grounding and focus blend is the top solution to regroup your thoughts and keep you and your kids active and engaged during the day. The sweet floral-spice combined with the grounding scents are perfect to boost memory and retention. Use it during work, in the classroom or after school hours for those tough homework sessions. Cup hands over your mouth and breathe deeply several times for maximum benefits.
  4. De-Stress essential oil blend: We all know that life can be stressful! Here is an excellent solution that is also kid safe, to manage any outside pressures or anxieties. Help your kids stay on top of their game … use this sweet blend before tests, during high-pressure schedules, or whenever their nerves are on high alert to help them feel empowered and energized. Unwind from all the excitement and tension of the day and create a stress-free home while diffusing this blend. 
  5. Kids Sleep Well: Crafted to help kids slow down at the end of the day to relax, and release tension before bedtime so they can ease into sleep and be at their best the next day.  Make it a part of your evening routine when used in a diffuser, applied topically or even sprinkled on top pillowcases or blankets for a subtle support throughout the night.

**Parents don’t forget!**

While Immune Power and Sleep Well are kid-appropriate fusions they can be used by all. Each blend is designed to work well for the whole family.

Also, all these blends are available undiluted, for diffusing or topical use, and in our Ready-to-Apply roll-on bottles that make the use of oils even more convenient.


Good luck at school this year!

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