5 Tips to Relieve Mental Fatigue, Nervous Strain & Deeply Held Tensions with Essential Oils

A deep-rooted oak, the Dalai Lama — and you. Don’t let little things ruffle your feathers. Get into the habit of keeping calm … on the job, at home, even in traffic with these five tips to relieve fatigue, strain and tensions with essential oils.

Now, it’s time to get started! A great way to begin reducing stress is to take a moment every day to apply Real Oil Re-Align essential oil blend to your pressure points. This effectively relieves mental fatigue, nervous strain, and deeply-held tensions. Next, begin practicing daily habits to keep your stress levels in control.

1. Find Your Center.

People who maintain low stress find their center through stillness — whether it’s through meditation, concentrating on breathing, or even prayer. These practices help you pause, reflect and stay in that moment and to slow down racing thoughts and mental distractions.

Try This: Augment and focus meditation practices by simply diffusing Zen essential oil blend or apply it diluted to the wrists, base of the neck, or temples.

2. Be Thankful.

Expressing gratitude doesn’t just make you feel good — it has a direct effect on stress hormones in the body. Research has found that those who are taught to cultivate appreciation and other positive emotions experience a greater reduction in cortisol — the key stress hormone — than those who did not.

Try This: Open lines of communication and reciprocity with our Nurture essential oil blend. Add 5-10 drops to your diffuser to create an ambiance of peace and openness.

3. Sleep.

Extremely relaxed people get the proper amount of sleep to curb their stress. Not catching the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night can severely affect stress and your physical health. Naps can also benefit your stress levels, but keep them short and don’t let them interfere with your nighttime slumber.

Try This: Diffuse 5-10 drops of Restful Sleep essential oil blend 20 minutes prior to going to bed to ease into a good night’s sleep.

4. Socialize.

Spending time with your friends can reduce your stress and buffer the effects of negative experiences. Becoming friends with your co-workers can also help you feel calmer at work.

Try This: Carry a pre-diluted bottle of our Nurture Ready-to-Apply blend and apply along the neck, over the wrists, or chest to receive a comforting aroma to augment social interactions.

5. Unplug.

With the constant distraction of alerts, texts and emails, taking some time to disconnect from devices and reconnect with the real world is vital for maintaining healthy levels of stress. Taking an email vacation can significantly reduce stress, and allow your to focus better in the long-run.

Try This: Diffuse or apply Attention essential oil blend topically to focus on your surroundings and slow your mind.

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