6 Benefits of Carrier Oils

Carrier oils do more than just dilute…

Carrier oils do exactly what their name implies … they carry concentrated essential oils to the skin.

When blended together, carrier oils take essential oils and disperse them. They hold essential oils where they belong and work as an invaluable aid to minimize the risk of irritation or adverse topical reaction.

Some of our most frequently asked questions are on the topic of boosting immunity for you and your family.

Carrier oils do more than just dilute. Coconut, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Rosehip  (Newly Added Argan, Avocado and Sweet Almond) oils have other valuable uses in your self-care routine.

Hair Care

Don’t assume that you need to mix complicated hair masks to keep your hair moisturized, shiny and healthy.

Coconut Oil and Argan Oil work wonders to deeply moisturize, repair, and nourish your coiffure.

Simply apply the oil thoroughly to the scalp. Then, beginning at the roots, work with your fingertips to distribute throughout your hair (adding more as needed). Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic barrier and let it deeply condition for 2-3 hours. Next, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.

To add a bit of natural power to your treatment, add one or more of these essential oils to either Coconut or Argan oil for added benefits: Rosemary to combat hair loss, Cedarwood to promote growth and ease irritation, Peppermint to ease dandruff and stimulate the scalp, Lavender to promote growth and fight itch, or Tea Tree to promote thicker hair and better scalp health.

Makeup Remover

Tired of discovering another harmful chemical lurking in your brand-name makeup remover?

A better and more gentle alternative to get your face bare at the end of the day is easy with natural carrier oil.

Use a soft cloth or cotton round dipped in your favorite carrier oil (many prefer the nourishing effects of Rosehip and Sweet Almond or the gentle power of Grapeseed on the face). Carrier oils not only get your skin naturally clean without the chemicals, they moisturize, soothe, and soften.

When makeup is gone, follow with one of our skin blends specific to your skin’s needs. The carrier oil remaining on the surface will make absorption of the essential oil more effective.

Oil Pulling

Word on the street is that “oil pulling” – the practice of swishing coconut oil around your mouth for 5-20 minutes (and spitting it out when finished) – is a popular practice for natural health care.

While there is not significant research backing the practice, it is used as a way to remove toxins from the body, improve oral hygiene, and whiten teeth.

This practice is growing in popularity, and may hold some health benefits. While it should not replace traditional brushing of teeth, it is certainly something to try out in your daily routine.

Skin Softener

A simple application of carrier oil can be gently and thoroughly healing for dry, cracked, or crocodile skin – even skin that is wind-chapped, razor-burned or sun-dried.

If you have environmentally dried skin, try massaging Coconut, Jojoba, or Avocado Oil into problem areas such as calves, feet, elbows, shoulders and hands.

Carrier oils can also be great for babies and children with sensitive, dry skin. The absence of chemical perfumes can make the difference in moisturizing sensitive skin that bristles as the touch of harsher additives.

Deep Oil Treatment for the Face

Here’s a secret – for a deep-oil skin treatment worthy of any high-end spa, all you need is a natural carrier oil and a clean cloth!

Using a warm, moist cloth, massage the carrier oil into the face in an upward motion. This is a great way to break down and dissolve buildup that may be clogging your pores. In combination with the warm steam from a damp cloth, your pores will become clear enough for the oil to absorb, treat, and improve the overall texture and tone of your skin.

Rosehip and Sweet Almond works great for this treatment, as it is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, each of which have nutritive value for the skin.

How do you like to use carrier oils? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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