Diffuse a Quick Kids Safe Immunity Blend

How to diffuse oils when little ones are around

Find out what it takes to keep airborne threats at bay for your kids.

One of the questions I get more often than any other is, what oils can I diffuse around my children?

Since Fall is here, I think the recipe I’ll share today will be my go-to for moms calling in with a house full of sniffles and sneezes.  Using essential oils around children does add another element to consider, but what’s really nice is most kid safe oils are pretty inexpensive 🙂.  Diffusing is a simple way to protect your little ones in the playroom, the kitchen, or even as they drift off to sleep (And it’s much less messy than trying to slather oregano all over them).

The Recipe

What You'll Need



Fill up your diffuser and add the following:

Small Space (Car or Cubicle)

2 Drops of Citronella, 2 Drops of Lemon

Medium Space (Bedroom or Office)

4 Drops of Citronella, 4 Drops of Lemon

Large Space (Kitchen, Vaulted Ceiling Room)

7 Drops of Citronella, 7 Drops of Lemon

Hey, do you like this article?

This recipe is a small piece of my DIY Essential Oils Immunity Guide that includes a quick reference guide for ways to keep your family healthy year-round naturally. I constantly get questions on how people can use essential oils to boost immunity, avoid cold and flu season and do it safely with the age range of a family.

You will learn great tips on diffusing, making custom blends, what oils can help with what ailments, DIY recipes and lots more. I have put this guide together and made it available free! I hope you enjoy it.

– Jared

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