Diffusing Culinary Favorites Rosemary, Basil, And Peppermint

Keep your focus in the kitchen this week by diffusing culinary favorites Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint, Cinnamon Leaf, or Thyme essential oil. Each has specific strengths to improve physical well-being and lift you mentally and emotionally. As you become familiar with the power behind these sweet-smelling favorites, they’ll become your go-to resource for natural health.


The deeply grounding pine-and-spice scent of pure Rosemary essential oil is an empowering way to bolster mental and systemic health. Use it in aromatherapy for better clarity and stronger mental recall, and to support whole-system resilience.


The fantastic mentholated warmth and cool scent of pure Peppermint essential oil is nature’s kick-in-the-pants. Use it to naturally wake up, boost feelings of self-confidence, process, emotions, and stimulate perspective and attention. Use it to boost feelings of energy, cool the skin, deter insects, diffuse temper, decrease stress, and to become naturally alert. If you want to take the edge off unhealthy cravings, diffuse peppermint before a meal to immerse yourself in a naturally satiating scent.


The peppery-herbal kick of pure Basil essential oil can bolster your body as well. Blend with peppermint to give your muscles feelings of strength and endurance, and to help your reflexes be at peak performance. Or if Taco Tuesday is haunting your Wednesday morning, add a drop or two of pure Basil essential oil to a diffuser to take the edge of your tummy trouble.

Cinnamon Leaf

The compelling spicy aroma of Cinnamon Leaf essential oil is a perfect natural pick-me-up. Use the delicious scent to alleviate mental fatigue and stress. Use satisfying Cinnamon Leaf essential oil to promote healthy appetite and support your digestive system. Diffuse just before dinner, or to get through persistent evening cravings.


The sweetly herbal scent of pure Thyme essential oil stimulates the mind, strengthens memory and aids in concentration. Use it to improve the effectiveness of homework time, reading, and your meditation routine. Use it to calm nerves, support the body through hormonal imbalance, for feelings of free breathing, and to naturally support and nourish multiple physical systems.

**What are some of your favorite ways to use these oils? Comment below!**

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