Diffusing Essential Oils At Work — Tips, Tricks And Advice

There are plenty of good reasons to bring essential oils to work, but there are a few steps to take to be sure it will be a pleasant experience for everyone around you. Some people have varying degrees of sensitivity to smells, stemming from allergies, triggers for headaches, conflicts with prescriptions, or asthma sensitivities. What smells good to you might be problematic for a co-worker or customer. Some offices have a policy on scents … even perfumes and lotions.

Communication is the best policy. Talk to your colleagues about your plans to diffuse essential oils. Tell them the reasons it is important to you – health, focus, attitude, and stress level. Then listen. Do they have questions or concerns about how it works? Are there oils you should avoid based on sensitivities? It’s likely your colleagues will be supportive of your plan to diffuse essential oils … especially once they see and feel the calming, focused energy and soothing atmosphere diffusing oils can bring to a space.

Some oils can irritate people with sensitive skin or can be hazardous for women who are pregnant. Know the oil you are using, and be aware of the people who are exposed to it. If someone objects, adapt! Try using less oil — many benefits are achievable at lower concentrations. Let your coworker smell a sample before you begin diffusing. Or simply use your diffuser during your break, at lunch, or find a small room where no one will protest.

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