DIY Clothespin Car “Diffuser”

Just in time for Father’s Day

DIY Clothespin Car “Diffuser”

This homemade car diffuser is so easy that you can simply use a drop of oil on a plain, undecorated wooden clothespin. Technically, this isn’t a cool-mist, awesome air diffuser like you may have in your home, but it does the trick of aromatically infusing a scent while you drive.  Here is a wonderful USB car diffuser you can purchase, (and another travel fan diffuser or one that plugs into a lighter outlet)…but in a pinch, this is fun, won’t require refill pads, and is a great conversation piece if you’re driving others!

The aroma will not last much longer than a day if using a plain clothespin, however, you can attach a small piece of cork on which to drop the oil. You can also use craft pom poms, ribbon, felt, and fabric for other creative ideas you can play with that may hold a scent a bit longer.

What you need: 

  • Clothespins
  • Pom Poms
  • Corkboard
  • Pieces of felt
  • Glue Gun
  • Essential oils


  1. Decorate (or not) we did 
  2. Add drops of oil
  3. Clip on Vent
  4. Breathe 
  5. And that’s it! Have fun and make them personal.

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Written by Jared


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