Find Relaxation For Body & Mind With The Relax Collection From Real Oil

Is it finally time to slow down for a bit? We can help you find relaxation for body and mind with the Relax Collection from Real Oil. Shed uncomfortable tension, get a good night’s sleep, or get chemistry going with help from these effective blends. Designed to help your body ease into repose, these essential oils are sure to help you enjoy every free moment.

Restful Sleep Ready-to-Apply essential oil blend is a calming mix of Lavender, Bergamot, and other essential oils to support better sleep. You can use it before bedtime to wake rested and refreshed, or apply it anytime to encourage your mind and body to slow down and find calm. You can overcome mental fatigue and daily tension with Stress Away Ready-to-Apply essential oil blend. Use it to manage outside pressures and improve your outlook.

Sensual Ready-to-Apply essential oil blend aids communication and connection in intimate settings. Use it to promote sexual awareness, energy, confidence, and to arouse personal attention and focus. Open and boost emotions, and warm relationships with aphrodisiac benefits. Create space in your life to rest, recharge, and reconnect with the people who mean the most. Use in a diffuser for hours of support, or carry our pre-diluted products to create calm for yourself any time of day. Make the most of those quiet moments to focus and unwind, and then return, ready to hit the ground running.

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