Find The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The powerful benefits and delicious scents of Real Oil blends make them the perfect gift at Christmas time … a present that is both thoughtful, personal, and sweetly natural. Our oils are sure to bring holiday joy lasting well beyond the heady rush of Christmas morning. If you plan to drop essential oils into a few stockings, here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Consider gifting Ready-to-Apply oils to newbies, rather than full-strength ones. Our convenient roll-ons make it easy for everyone … even people with no essential oil background … to jump into the experience without worrying about carrier oils, dilution ratios, or diffusers.
  • Consider briefly explaining how to use the essential oils (for example: apply them to your wrists, feet or neck, and inhale the scent). Tell your friend where they can go to get more information if they need it (our blog is a great starting point).
  • Share the right kind of essential oils to maximize the benefits. We’ve provided some ideas to get you going on your nice list:

  • The Pre-teen: A bottle of Attention Ready-to-Apply blend on Christmas morning will help them rock long afternoons at school with a better-than-average attitude all year long.
  • The Teen: They’ll love Brilliant Skin Ready-to-Apply blend to nurture and smooth difficult skin or give them Awaken Ready-to-Apply blend to help them jump … well, roll … out of bed a little easier every morning.
  • Mom: Every mother can use a little more chill in her daily routine. Give her De-Stress Ready-to-Apply blend to help her find relief for feelings of tension or stress, and to naturally hit a good pace for the day.
  • Dad: He can elevate his look from standard to studly with a little help from the Complete Beard Blend, a manly combination of essential oils to tone and tame the swagger on his face. No swagger? Then consider giving him a bottle or Restful Sleep Ready-to-Apply blend to help him recuperate after a long or stressful day at work.
  • Extended Family: Grandma and Grandpa could use some Muscle Soothe Ready-to-Apply blend to boost their joints and muscles for chasing grandkids and shoveling walks. Give everyone else the gift of Immune Boost Ready-to-Apply blend to keep them feeling healthy and hearty … especially before the big holiday party at which you’ll all be sharing their air.

  • Your Neighbor: Show a little love in your community with our Nurture Ready-to-Apply blend. This essential oil is used to calm, connect, and give feelings of balance and energy. Or, share our popular and delicious Citrus Rush Ready-to-Apply blend to instantly become the aromatherapy star on block.
  • A Teacher: Nothing says “I support you!” like our full-strength Spotless Home Essential Oil blend. Your favorite teacher can use it to naturally clean and purify any surface in the classroom. Help her make her space a healthier and happier place for both her and her students with this natural support.
  • The Health & Fitness Fan: Take your pick: They’ll love either Muscle SootheFit, or Yoga Ready-to-Apply blends to help them naturally take their body and mind to the next level with an aromatherapy boost.
  • The Traveler: Your road warrior will value either Restful SleepImmune Boost, or Tummy Calm Ready-to-Apply blends. Easy to carry, and invaluable on the road, these essential oils can turn a difficult day away from home into something much better.
  • The Creative Friend: For that one person in your life who always has an ingenious project in the works, or a crazy new adventure to tackle … give her back some inspiration, support and vision with our Nurture Ready-to-Apply blend.
  • The Young-Married Couple: Help the people you love connect with each other with our Love Ready-to-Apply blend. They can use it to tune into emotional cues and boost engagement during communication.
  • The Student: Your bookworm or college kid could certainly use some Restful Sleep or Attention Ready-to-Apply blend. Help them to become their best self in the classroom or on campus with a little boost from these powerful essential oils.

  • The Boss: Give your deserving employer some comforting Re-Align Ready-to-Apply blend to help her find physical and mental relief during long hours in the office.
  • A Mentor: Share our sweet and powerful Zen Ready-to-Apply blend, designed for better decision-making and to calm and ground emotions.
  • Support Staff: Give someone you appreciate the attention they deserve with our sweet Attention Ready-to-Apply blend … they can use it to keep their focus and soothe mental or physical fatigue.
  • Appreciated Co-workers: No one will turn down the sweet scent of our Citrus Rush Ready-to-Apply blend. Use it for more energy, better attitude, and to introduce the delicious natural scent of citrus to your life.

**Need help finding the right gift? Reach out to our essential oil experts.**

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