Find The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The powerful benefits and delicious scents of Real Oil Holiday Products make the perfect gift at Christmas time … a present that is both thoughtful, personal, and sweetly natural. If you plan to drop essential oils into a few stockings or make them the special gift, here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Consider gifting Ready-to-Apply oils to newbies, rather than full-strength ones. Our convenient roll-ons make it easy for everyone (even people with no essential oil background) to jump into the experience without worrying about carrier oils, dilution ratios, or diffusers.
  • Consider briefly explaining how to use the essential oils (for example: apply them to your wrists, feet or neck, and inhale the scent). Tell your friends where they can go to get more information if they need it (our blog is a great starting point.)
  • Share the right kind of essential oils to maximize the benefits. We’ve provided some ideas to get you started:

We are constantly looking at ways to infuse the benefits of pure essential oils into daily routines. Our new handcrafted products do just that. Learn more about these new products to see which is best for you or your loved ones.

  • Chocolate Delight Kit: This kit includes three enticingly balanced chocolate blends – a sweet combination of chocolate and sweet orange, a peppy mix of chocolate and peppermint, and a sweet and mellow combination of chocolate and vanilla-scented Balsam of Peru.
  • Holiday Goats Milk Hand Soap: Use this gentle moisturizing soap to target problem areas of the skin – hands, elbows, feet, and any other spot that needs a little extra nurturing with pure and natural products. Use daily for best results on the skin. Consider sharing as a gift to give a natural holiday tool and improve the life of someone you love. Soaps are deliciously infused with the blends from our Holiday Cheer Kit including Candy Cane, Holiday Spice, and Winter Woods. 
  • Aromatherapy Shower Fizzy 6-Pack:
    • Breathe the stimulating scent of Awaken Shower Fizzy and be ready to tackle the next important task without the impediment of caffeine jitters or roller-coaster sugar rush. Get a natural lift and a refreshed perspective with this sweet and citrusy scent surrounding you in the shower.
    • Enjoy the deep warmth and soothing mentholated effect of Breathe Free Aromatherapy Fizzies to open airways and decrease feelings of congestion using the singular power of natural essential oil aromatherapy. Bring relief, warmth and gentle support to your body without exposing yourself to unnecessary manufactured chemicals found in other mentholated products.
    • Losing sleep is never fun, but in the long run, it can actually be unhealthy and hard on your body and mind. Get a good night’s sleep – prepare your whole self to ease into restorative slumber with Restful Sleep Aromatherapy Shower Fizzies, an effortless and effective way to expose your body to strong essential oil aromatherapy during your normal shower routine.
  • Lip Balm Variety 3-Pack: Immerse your lips in natural comfort with our Lip Balm Variety Pack, including three sweet flavors with all-natural moisturizing to keep your smackers whistle-worthy. A combination of gentle shea butter, sweet mango butter, dependable coconut oil, and natural beeswax, plus a balanced bit of beneficial essential oil, give these lip balms a silky texture to keep your lips looking smooth, soft, healthy and smiling all day long.

  • Your Neighbor: Show a little love in your community with the On-the-Go Singles Kit. These essential oils are used to calm, connect, and give feelings of balance and energy while bringing your favorite singles wherever you go.
  • A Teacher: Nothing says “I support you!” like our Defense Foaming Hand Soap Kit. Your favorite teacher can use it to naturally clean and purify any surface in the classroom. Help her make her space a healthier and happier place for both her and her students with this natural support.
  • The Health & Fitness Fan: They’ll love the Complete Pain Kit to help them naturally take their body and mind to the next level with an aromatherapy boost. Fitted with all the necessities to support your body from pre and post workouts.
  • The Young-Married Couple: Help the people you love to connect with each other with our Relaxation Kit. They can use it to focus on creating calm ambiances for better connections and engagement during communication.
  • The Student: Your bookworm or college kid could certainly use some much needed Zzzz with the Deep Sleep Kit.  Help them to become their best selves in the classroom or on campus with a little boost from these powerful essential oils.

Easy, small and convenient our collection of Stocking Stuffers is not only affordable but some of the most popular products we carry. The Ready-to-Apply roll-ons or larger mists are also easy to use!

  • Know someone that’s always relaxed and chillaxed to the max? You’ll recognize them for their flawless skin, relaxed aura, and constant glow-up tips! For this self-care star, we know that gifting them a bit of “me” time with Blue Oasis Luxury Facial Oil or the bright blend of Citrus Rush will be a holiday hit.
  • Who’s the go-getter on your list that never quits? Remind them that all their dreams really can come true with the help of Restful Sleep Essential Oil Blend. Or let the holidays be the perfect time to remind them that a little self-care goes a long way. Choose Magnesium Sleep Spray as your gift, so they can give themselves permission to slow down.
  • If it’s questionable whether you’ll see this globetrotter during the holidays, then you know these picks are for them. It doesn’t matter if you have to ship these gifts or are privileged to give them in person—your friend will love how well you know them. Help them travel in essential oil style with this Immune Boost Roll-On and these Deep Relief Silver Rub!

From topical to diffusing, our oil Accessories add variety to spruce up your DIYs and make it easy to infuse aromatherapy into your home. Need extra help figuring out the right dilutions? Check out our How-To Dilute Your Oils Chart to see an easy breakdown.

Share your favorite go-to Christmas Gifts! Happy Holidays!

**Need help finding the right gift? Reach out to our essential oil experts.**

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