Five Gift Ideas to Celebrate Dad this Fathers Day

Every Dad needs a little TLC. Check out these five cool gift ideas perfect for the man in your life.

1. Deep Relief Silver Rub by Real Oil 

Recover from even the most intense workouts with Deep Relief Silver Rub by Real Oil. This cream is formulated with essential oils and the powerful Colloidal silver, the perfect mix of all-natural ingredients (that’s right, free from chemicals typically used in other pain relief creams). Apply to sore muscles, joints and limbs to rejuventate a tired body.

2.  Sandalwood Essential Oil 

The musky-woody scent of pure Sandalwood essential oil is the go-to essential oil for men everywhere. This oil has creamy vanilla undertones that make it the perfect accompaniment for any man’s aftershave care. It can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation from mild skin irritation such as superficial nics from shaving. Get creative by mixing sandalwood with other essential oils to create your own blend. Try mixing 4-5 drops of sandalwood with a carrier oil for a romantic, fragrant, woodsy aftershave blend.

3.  Muscle Soothe Essential Oil Blend

Whether it’s for an intense round of Cross Fit, an uphill 10K, or just deep-knee bends to catch the kids, keep Dad’s body in tip-top shape with the restorative power of Muscle Soothe Essential Oil Blend. Use it for feelings of relief for sore muscles, achy joints, tight tendons, and any other overworked body part that could use a natural boost. Available in both ready-to-apply and “neat” versions.

4.  Attention Essential Oil Blend & Bamboo Thera-Pure Pro Essential Oil Diffuser

Help Dad bring the world into better focus in the office with the power of Attention Essential Oil Blend and the convenient and nicely finished bamboo Thera-Pure Pro Diffuser. Attention blend is formulated to stimulate the mind and promote concentration. Simply plug in to any USB port and you’re well on your way to a wonderful workday!

5.  Stress Away Essential Oil Blend & Car Diffuser

Every Dad will love taking healthy habits on-the-go with the Thera-Pure Car Diffuser. Make it a great combo and give him Stress Away blend. Add this balanced scent to the car diffuser to relieve that built-up tension from a tough day–ideal for that long commute from the office.

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Written by Jared


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