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No matter the time of year, don’t be kept on the sidelines with illness. With that in mind, we’ve created an in-depth guide to Natural Immunity. We cover everything from freshening air, chemical-free cleaning, supporting your body’s immune response, and a special section on cleaning the gateway of illness, the hands! Here’s to the start of a healthier you!

You’ll Get:

  • Instruction on oils
  • Tips on natural cleaners
  • Ideas for easy defense
  • A printable Quick Reference Sheet
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Keep Your Family Healthy Year Round
With The Natures Defense Kit by Real Oil

The Nature’s Defense Kit is an adaptable collection of plant-based products designed to help you protect yourself and your family from outside threats.

Get access to a complete suite of powerful essential oil products designed to keep you healthy year round.

Here's What You Get

  • Diffuse at the first sign of sniffles or aches
  • Add to hand sanitizer or lotion
  • Use to clean high-traffic surfaces
  • Apply at work for feelings of protection
  • Diffuse at first sign of respiratory congestion
  • Breathe to promote feelings of clear airways
  • Apply topically to chest & back
  • Massage in to ease feelings of congestion
  • Diffuse to naturally freshen a room
  • Sweeten a space without chemicals
  • Use in bathrooms, pet areas, closets
  • Breathe for relief in stinky situations
  • Safe, effective, and natural cleaner.
  • Avoid exposing your family to manufactured chemicals.
  • Keep your space naturally clean with silver nano technology.
  • Effortless clean for everyday hygiene
  • Ready for use without any additional diluting or blending
  • An easy way to get topical exposure to healthy essential oils
  • Comes complete with two 8 oz. applicators & 16 oz. refill bottle