Get Your Mojo Back With Deep Relief Essential Oil Blend

Nothing can slow life down quite like a painful strain in your back or a stubborn headache. In moments you can go from seizing the day to the poor sap just fending off the daily pain.

For Stress and Fatigue Try…

For many of our customers, they use Muscle Soothe to overcome those challenges. Muscle Soothe is an incredible product that gives deep relief to overtaxed bodies. It’s a favorite because it contains Peppermint and Wintergreen, which are great for pain or muscle soreness.

To Mint, or Not to Mint, That is the Question

The mint found in Peppermint or Wintergreen can have an intense flavor profile. We’ve found that for some of our essential oil users, instead of soothing they find mint a little too stimulating.

If Muscle Soothe Didn’t do the Trick…

For those that want to apply a milder scent with the same proven results, Deep Relief is a smart choice. Deep Relief works wonders where Muscle Smoothe might not because it swaps Mint for Blue Tansy (if you haven’t heard about this great rare oil, learn in our 3-part series here). The Blue Tansy removes the intensity of Mint without losing the same relieving, therapeutic effects.

Deep Relief Benefits

  • Soothe and alleviate feelings of the toughest physical strain.
  • Warm up muscles and tendons, or soothe your body after a tough day on your feet.
  • Get relief from overwhelming and inconsistent emotions.
  • Support processing through sorrow, anger, and grief.
  • Perfect alternative to Muscle Soothe

How to Use Suggestions

  • Use the pre-diluted Deep Relief blend on-the-go:  Use our ready-to-apply blend along your spine and across the back of your neck to work out feelings of discomfort, knots, kinks, and strain in your back, shoulders, and neck.  Perfect for use in the office, in the car, or wherever life may hit you.
  • Dilute the blend with your favorite carrier oil or lotion for wonderful deep relief massage.
  • Add a few drops to a diffuser to fill the room with a calming and relaxing aroma. We receive the most questions on whether Deep Relief can be diffused, and it is a fantastic, calming choice in the diffuser.

Scent Profile

This woody, rich mix contains a blend of potent Blue Tansy along with Black Spruce and Rosewood. Couple that with the earthy scent of Frankincense and calming Howood and you’ve got a substantial base and balanced scent.

The ingredients above not only make Deep Relief a great option, but it might just be the answer to pain and strain where other blends fall short.

Have you tried the Deep Relief blend? If not, get it HERE.  If so, leave a tip for other shoppers or let us know how it worked for you!

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