Help Soothe Aching Muscles With Muscle Soothe Essential Oil Blend

Find the strength to dig a little deeper on your next trail run, early-morning lap swim, or uphill sprint with an assist from Real Oil Muscle Soothe essential oil blend. This unique combination of pure essential oils warms and supports your muscles and gives you feelings of strength, endurance, and resiliency when you need it most … whether on the trail, at the gym, or just helping your arms bounce a heavy baby through a tough night.

Muscle Soothe essential oil blend is the perfect mix of mentholated warmth, refreshing spice, and naturally penetrating botanicals to reach the soreness, deep cramping, or occasional discomfort that pops up after physical exertion. The robust aromatherapy scent works deep in your muscles and joints to gently work out the kinks and discomfort. Use it to target specific areas of tightness or strain. Gently work into tight muscles in the shoulders and neck to help release any long-held stress or tension.

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Written by Jared


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