Immerse Yourself In The Authentic Citrus Scent Of Sweet Orange

In deep winter there is nothing quite as heartening as a splash of vibrant citrus … fierce orange, intense yellow or deep green. You can immerse yourself in authentic citrus scent — even during the dark days of February — with Sweet Orange from Real Oil. The mood enhancing, invigorating and anti-depressant qualities of citrus oils have been documented by science, but you don’t need a medical journal to tell you that this bright scent filling your home makes you happy and gives you a calm, welcome energy.

Many people find it helpful to diffuse citrus oils during the winter as the days get shorter and sunlight becomes a rare commodity. Sweet Orange also works wonders to restore emotional balance when hormones are on a rollercoaster ride. Teenager can diffuse a favorite combination … Sweet Orange with Lavender … during those rough homework hours when they need calm and focus.

Citrus oils are cold pressed … a method of extraction that involves prodding and pricking the rind. The punctured rind releases the essential oil, which is collected and separated from the fruit juice. Oil collected this way has a higher quality aroma than that of the distilled variety, but is also phototoxic, meaning that is reacts to ultraviolet light. You should avoid exposure to sunlight after you apply Sweet Orange to your skin, and always dilute it with a carrier oil before applying. This type of extractions also leaves the oil more volatile, making it highly sensitive to heat and oxidation. Citrus oils should be stored in sealed containers and kept in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight for the longest shelf life.

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