Incorporating Essential Oils Into Your Daily Self-Care Routine

Take care of yourself, so that you can in turn increase your ability to care for the world around you. Here are a few ideas for how to improve your personal impact using effective Real Oil blends in your daily self-care routine:

1. Add the divinely-scented Stress Away blend to your self-care regimen for feelings of peace, relaxation and release … all from completely natural sources. Breathe this balanced scent through a diffuser whenever tension gets high. Bring a ready-to-apply roll-on to work and apply to wrists for gentle relief.

2. Use Zen Ready-to-Apply blend during meditation and study for a calming atmosphere. Try it during study time to minimize distracting thoughts and outside pressure. A centering mix of Sweet Orange, warm Lavender, bracing Pine Needle and earthy Patchouli, and gentle Ylang Ylang, it can bring into your home an ambience of relaxation and balance.

3. Aid communication and encourage connection in your most important relationships. Calm feelings of irritability and sensory overload with the grounding power Nurture essential oil blend. Use this powerful blend to regain composure after emotional upset. Rub into the soles of your feet and across back. Carry a pre-diluted roll-on during down days and apply for an aromatherapy boost when you need to calm and clarify your thoughts.

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