Keeping Natural Beauty All-Natural With Our Natural Base Lotion

There are a few simple things in life that are epically underrated … and for us, a good lotion tops the list. Not many acts can make you feel so nurtured, healthy and calm like applying a sweet moisturizing cream across dry, tired or irritated skin. If you are anything like us, you probably think a good moisturizing lotion is kind of a big deal.

But here’s the question … do you actually know what’s in your lotion?

When you use it, you are literally coating the largest organ of your body with the ingredients of that bottle. Unfortunately, most lotions contain a dizzying variety of synthetic chemicals. There is little you could recognize on the ingredient list – other than water – as coming from nature.

For just that reason we’ve created a Natural Base Lotion with an ingredient line-up even the pickiest of clean living folks are going to love.  It’s a simple combination of Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil in a gently emulsified blend … no perfumes, parabens or chemical scents added. Our Natural Base Lotion is a deliciously creamy all-natural product that not only offers deep natural moisture. It gives you control of what you are putting on (and therefore absorb into) your body every day.

It’s all about the base.

Many chemical-based lotions can actually dry out the skin, leading you to use even more lotion to counteract the problem (tricky rascals). Our base lotion does what lotion is supposed to do … add moisture to your skin for better topical health. Mild Jojoba is a favorite for many who depend on daily moisturizing for skin health. It is easily absorbed, making it relaxing to the skin, especially for those who have sensitive or irritated topical conditions. It acts as a natural calming agent and works in a way similar to the skin’s natural oils.

Sweet Almond oil is also a versatile and stable natural moisturizer. It protects against sensitivities in your skin and is full of vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, potassium, and zinc. It can protect your skin from UV radiation damage and help it look smooth, soft, and free from fine lines.

But that is just the beginning … Since it is scent-free, you can add whatever essential oils you want to make the experience fit your needs.

How to Use:

To personalize the lotion, simply add a dime amount to the palm of your hand. Mix one drop of your favorite essential oil and massage over your skin. A flexible method means that you can create your own aromatherapy experience … and change your mind daily, if you like. Craving a boost of clean energy? A drop of Peppermint in your base lotion will do the trick. Ready for deeper relaxation? Lavender and Cedarwood are the perfect calming combination. Does your skin need an extra boost after a day outside? Add a drop of Frankincense for full support.

You can also use this base as a foundation for DIY projects and gifts. Create personalized natural products that meet the occasion simply by combining our Natural Base with a delicious combination of balanced essential oils. Create warm autumn blends, sweet holiday scents, energetic application for spring and summer, or a personalized gift for someone with sensitive skin or specific aromatherapy needs.

Not sure where to start? Try some of our favorite combinations

  • Bergamot + Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile + Lemon
  • Grapefruit + Basil
  • Peppermint + Lime
  • Patchouli + Ylang Ylang or Geranium
  • Organic Cedarwood + Juniper Berry


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