Kicking off January Health Month!

At Real Oil, we’re ringing in the New Year with a concerted effort to address Health — that all-encompassing term, that alludes to everything and anything. While talked about in abstract terms too often, this month, we’re devoting our energy to address it, clearly and constructively. Our goal then is to provide tips and tools on positive health so you can incorporate what you find useful to achieve even the loftiest of New Year’s resolutions.

So, what to expect?

This month we’ll be gifting you a free Immunity guide, to protect you and your family, deals on our best products for total wellness, and, to top it off, a giveaway!

With all that to look forward to, let’s begin this New Year, and National Health Month, with seven go-to practices for a healthier year:


  1. Eat natural foods (avoid processed junk food)
    • While this may seem obvious, our bodies were developed to consume foods rich with micronutrients. With natural, unprocessed foods you receive all the benefits that nature intended, whether its high fiber in whole grains or healthy fats in olive oil our bodies do well when given natural food.
  2. REST
    • Getting the proper amount of sleep is key to a healthier 2019. As many of you know, our rest is key component, like diet or exercise, to our health. Attending to proper sleep hygiene by avoiding lengthy naps during the day, exercising often, and setting a specific sleep schedule will get you on your way.
  3. Drink more water
    • Considering our bodies consist mostly of water (55 to 60 percent for adult males, 50 to 55 percent for adult females), maintaining the proper balance of water has numerous benefits. Water effects energy levels and even one’s metabolism. One study evidenced that drinking 17 ounces of water boosted metabolism by 24-30% for as long as 1.5 hours.
  4. Find natural sources of energy
    •  Whether it’s crunch time or you’re lagging behind the day, find an alternative to energy drinks. Often citrus packs a punch that stimulates and invigorates the body, which is why we recommend Awaken essential oil blend. It can be diffused in the morning, for natural energy, or used topically, to boost concentration.
  5. Incorporate healthy fat into your diet
    • Packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be your best friend for cooking. Not only is packed with healthy fats, it also is loaded with antioxidants that combat inflammation and support heart health
  6. Don’t sweat the empty stuff
    • Carbohydrates that are highly processed, or refined carbs, are ill-equipped to give you the nutrients you need. These foods have been produced so that all the fiber is removed. Unfortunately in doing so, these foods then lack in nutrients and as a result are “empty” calories. Look to whole, unprocessed grains to provide the fiber that refined carbs don’t.
  7. Find you favorite way to sweat!
    • In terms of exercise, finding a routine that you can commit to is all that matters. Whether it’s finding a favorite place to walk, a form of active meditation, or perhaps biking find an aerobic activity you enjoy! It’s recommended that you find 150 minutes a week for aerobic activity, so get creative and get your heart rate up.

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Written by Jared


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