Looking at Helichrysum italicum: Most Underrated Rare Oil?

With Helichrysum italicum essential oil, perhaps the better question is, “What can’t it do?”  

For its versatility and effectiveness, Helichrysum is an incredible rare oil that isn’t used enough.  It can add to your skin routine, detox regiments, and even as another barrier of immune protection.  If you tend to use the same rare oils – perhaps sandalwood, sacred frankincense etc. – then please, read on to find out why this might be the best new addition to your daily health!

Helichrysum is …

An antimicrobial agent

The helichrysum italicum plant is an integral part of traditional Mediterranean medicine. Due to its broad healing properties it can be used in a number of ways. One of the more profound ways is fighting against dangerous bacteria. This ability, plus it’s anti-allergenic properties, make fighting bacteria easier and less harsh on the skin. Mixed with a carrier oil, helichrysum essential oil to halt minor rashes from turning into more serious infections.

Great for treating scars or blemishes

As mentioned above, helichrysum works effectively to sooth skin. This alone is great, but what sets it apart from other therapeutic oils, is its ability to simultaneously heal. Use it for topical blemishes and scar to minimize the appearance of scarring. Even more, Helichrysum works to stimulate healthy skin cell renewal and repair damaged tissue. Add it to your skin toner or moisturizer to proactively protect and rejuvenate skin.

A great detox agent

One of the more unique benefits of Helichrysum is it’s positive effect on the liver and kidneys. If we remember, the liver is the organ tasked with removing toxins from the body and the kidney removes waste and extra fluid. The health of both are integral to your own health. Helichrysum has been used for generations to support both, with recent science pointing to its usefulness in treating kidney stones and urinary tract stones. Dilute with your preferred carrier oil and apply topically to take advantage of its detox benefits.

Perfect for Soothing skin conditions

Due to its combination of beneficial properties, Helichrysum might be a new favorite addition to your arsenal for skin care. Whether it’s sunburns or acne, the botanical’s constituents have strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties that make it a great natural solution for skin conditions. Especially if your skin tends to be more sensitive, helichrysum is a great choice because it works without causing irritation or redness, like highly manufactured skin solutions.

An Anti-inflammatory Agent

With the amount of stress and tension in our bodies, we’re all susceptible to inflammation. Whether it’s a response to a physical or emotional ailment, inflammation, when chronic, can sideline anyone. Take a note from ancient European medicine and use helichrysum to aid the body in lowering inflammation, increasing smooth muscle function, and protect heart health. Diffuse or dilute, with a carrier oil, and apply topically to help circulation return to more normal levels.

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