Oils To Have Around During The Holidays

The gifts are wrapped and under the tree, the sidewalks cleared of snow, the cider warming on the stove, and Wonderful Life is queued. It’s finally time to put on fuzzy socks and relax … but not before you turn on your diffuser to create a magical and natural holiday ambiance! Essential oils can set a wonderful seasonal mood … from bright conifer boughs to traditional healing balsam and sweet spice. Whatever your mood, there is a perfect essential oil to fit the spirit of the holiday season.

The Woods

Whether you opted this year for a live Christmas tree or not, you can enjoy the crisp and uplifting scent of natural conifer of several varieties (with the added bonus that there are no dry needles to sweep off the floor).

  • Balsam Fir: The earthy ambiance and warm grounding of pure Fir essential oil brings to mind a deep-forest ramble, but this restorative can be used as a mood enhancer to stabilize and focus your sensory awareness.
  • Cedarwood: The comforting and earthy live-wood scent of Cedarwood surrounds you like a fresh day among coastal giants, but it is more than a vivid and transporting base aroma. Diffuse it to help you focus, boost motivation, and to create an atmosphere of calm attention.

The Sweets

Sugar plum fairies and gingerbread men have nothing on the ambrosial ambiance of essential oil. Feed your sweet tooth by breathing the scent of these delicious (and calorie free) holiday options.

  • Orange: Feed your citrus cravings with a bright kick of Sweet Orange. This sunny scent can improve your mood on a dark day. Try using it in winter when sunlight is in short supply for feelings of happiness and relaxation.
  • Cinnamon: The warmth and comfort of pure Cinnamon is perfect to center and uplift your mind, or to turn your relationships into a natural pleasure. Use it in your home as a natural stimulant for mind, body, and spirit, or rely on it to keep appetites at healthy levels.
  • Peppermint: The potent scent of pure Peppermint can wake and refresh your mind when you feel sluggish or dull. Get a kick of pure energy and focus without the sugar or jitters of a caffeine binge.
  • Clove: The sweet-wood spice of this essential oil can be a key to maintaining an optimistic outlook and having natural energy. Use in your favorite family aromatherapy blend to balance emotions and focus attention.
  • Ginger: The sweet and peppery bite of pure Ginger essential oil has the power to naturally motivate your mind, stimulate your senses and energize your body. Use it to settle an upset gut, fight feelings of fatigue, or to process emotions.


Invoke the strength and history of that Christmas day, long since passed, with the traditional Christmas aromas. Create warm ambiance in your home, or share as gifts to make the holiday more authentic for someone you love.

  • Frankincense: The grounding forest-and-earth scent of Frankincense Carterii is an ancient remedy with modern application. The rich scent has remarkable therapeutic properties. Promote a positive mood, focus attention, encourage concentration, and relieve stress with this traditional tool.
  • Myrrh: The grounding earth-and-wood scent of pure Myrrh has remarkable therapeutic properties to support your immune system and tone your skin. Diffuse a few drops when the house is packed with visitors to keep your family feeling protected from whatever is going around.

The Recipes

The only thing better than one perfect holiday essential oil … is the perfect blend. Try out these festive combinations to naturally deck your halls with all the warmth and cheer of the holidays:

  • Holiday Wassail: Orange + Clove
  • Spiked Cider: Ginger + Orange + Cinnamon
  • O Tannenbaum: Frankincense + Balsam Fir + Cedarwood
  • Woodland Frost: Balsam Fir + Frankincense + Peppermint
  • North Pole: Peppermint + Orange
  • Silent Night: Frankincense + Myrrh

**What is your favorite combination for the Holidays?  Share your thoughts below!

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