Real Beauty Kit: Be Sure & Know Exactly What You’re Putting On Your Face

Do you know what, exactly, you are putting on your face? The skin is the body’s largest organ. When you rub chemicals onto it, they pass through the outer layer of the skin and enter the bloodstream. We acquire more toxins through skin absorption and inhalation than we do through the foods we eat, so our personal care products are a big factor in overall health and well-being.

We use products on our skin every day to which we give little thought. But the truth is that the products we use aren’t always safe. The more natural and non-toxic based products you can add to your daily beauty regimen, the more beneficial it is for your skin and your overall health. Our Real Beauty Kit is just the thing to make your skin more brilliant, resilient, and youthful.

  • Brilliant Skin essential oil blend reduces the appearance of mild skin blemishes, tones and nourishes your skin, and strengthens and soothes sensitive areas.
  • The soothing power of Resilient Skin essential oil blend helps reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, and lines. Promote the natural healing process of the skin with this powerful blend.
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of mature skin with Youthful Skin essential oil blend. Tone and tighten your complexion and soften and soothe areas that are irritated or chapped.

Want the entire beauty kit from Real Oil? Buy it here.

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Written by Jared


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