Real Oil Flower Power

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Ahhhh, the amazing flowers that make up essential oils! We’ve got the most intoxicating and lovely flowers concentrated into pure essential oil to naturally benefit your life. We’ve got the Real Oil Flower Power!

Floral Oils and Their Benefits

We all have that one flower that we love the most. Just one sniff of the sweet petals warms the soul and brightens your day. With essential oils, you can receive the benefits of your favorite flower every day.

Did you know? Floral oils have wonderful calming properties, which makes them the perfect option to help ease the mood, even during the most stressful times. Here is our list of some of the best floral essential oils in our store.

Geranium Essential Oil

The engaging fresh-floral scent of pure Geranium essential oil is a standout in the naturopathic toolbox. Use it to promote healthy skin and hair, help turn around negative emotions, and effectively release nervous tension.

Lavender Essential Oil

The gentle floral-spice of pure Lavender essential oil is an indispensable tool for every essential oil collection. From reduced stress to better rest, Lavender supports and soothes with natural botanical strength.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

The velvety scent of pure Clary Sage essential oil has mild earth and woody undertones that give it a gentle grounding quality. Use it to relax and nurture your body, relieve everyday stress, clear your mind, and help you through bumpy emotional days.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil

With an earthy and sophisticated apple-like aroma and a bewitching indigo tint, pure Blue Tansy essential oil is a premium means to naturally support your health and comfort. This rich oil is perfect for addressing seasonal stress, relieving feelings of skin discomfort, and a powerful tool for a good-night’s rest.

Melissa Essential Oil

The delicious and delicate spiced-lemon scent of true Melissa essential oil has a powerful balancing and deeply cheering effect on the heart and mind. Bring peace and stability to your daily routine with the powerful aromatherapy benefits of this rare natural solution.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

The satisfying honey-and-grass aroma of pure French Helichrysum italicum essential oil holds singular power for home and body. Use this unique botanical to relieve stubborn health complaints, to nourish your skin, and to foster exceptional creative thought.

How to use your favorite oil?

Not sure how to use your new favorite floral essential oil? Check out these tips below. We’d also love to hear your own favorite recipes, be sure and leave us a comment on the bottom of the page.

Using essential oils on the skin

Wearing your favorite essential oil as a personal scent is a very popular way to not only smell good, but also to receive calming benefits throughout the day. Just be sure to dilute the oil properly. Learn How to Dilute Essential Oils with our handy guide found here.

Diffusing essential oils

Make your own emotional needs a priority and stay healthy and strong by diffusing your favorite oil by itself, or in a synergizing blend so that everyone in your space can receive the benefits of aromatherapy. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite diffuser recipes below. Happy diffusing!

Quick & Easy to Do Diffuser Recipes

Floral Citrus Blend

Floral Spice Blend

What’s your favorite flower essential oil?
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