Relaxation is a Must in any Stressful Life

Shed tension, slip into sleep, or get your chemistry going with the effective blends found in the Real Relax collection from Real Oil. Each blend is designed to work naturally with your body to help you find enjoyment in the moment. You choose — each is available full strength for diffusing or recipes, or diluted in pure fractionated coconut oil in a ready-to-apply roll-on for topical use.

Restful sleep is a calming blend of pure Lavender, Bergamot, and other essential oils to support better sleep. Diffuse before bedtime and at night to wake rested and refreshed, or apply topically with a carrier oil to encourage your mind and body to slow down and find calm before sleep.

Overcome mental fatigue and daily tension with Stress Away essential oil blend. Manage outside pressures, feelings of nervous exhaustion, performance stress, and mental distractions. Lift your mood and improve your outlook with this powerful tool.

Sensual essential oil blend aids communication and connection in intimate settings. Use it to promote sexual awareness, energy, confidence, and to arouse personal attention and focus. Open and boost emotions, and warm relationships with aphrodisiac benefits.

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