The Queen of the Flower Beds: Rose Absolute

How Much Do You Know About Rose?

Capturing the essence of rose in a bottle is a painstaking process requiring the steam distillation of dozens of roses for just one drop of its precious oil — each drop is truly a treasure. Here are a few interesting facts and tips on this special oil. The rich and transportive scent of pure Rose Absolute is prized for its unique and rare nurturing potential, positively affecting both body and mind. 

Benefits of Rose Absolute

Emotional: A sweet and calming balm, rose oil has the profound ability to produce feelings of peace and warmth. The reduced feelings of stress and increased calm from Rose Absolute create emotional balance while combating feelings of irritation or anger. 

Skin: For centuries rose oil has been known for boosting the health of the skin. With a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with its antiseptic properties, rose oil heals, refreshes, and regenerates skin. Rose oil is not only a wonderful skin cleanser, but it also helps regulate moisture levels in the skin. Combine with Rose Quartz Facial Roller for an uplifting skin care routine. 

Relationships: Roses are connected deeply with the heart, making this oil a great natural aromatherapy tool for energizing and enhancing romantic relationships. It helps bring out the best feelings in your heart, enabling you to connect to yourself and others in a deeper, more loving way. 

Home: With great antiseptic properties, Rose Absolute has been found to be an effective tool in cleaning hard surfaces. Diffusing Rose Absolute in the home creates a more calming and peaceful environment for the whole family to enjoy. 

How to Use Rose Absolute

  • For health and aromatherapy benefits, dilute into a roll-on bottle and apply it to your body’s pulse points, including your neck, wrist, knee and ankle joints. Diffuse Rose Absolute throughout the day to reduce stress and promote feelings of calm. 
  • Dilute into your favorite carrier oil and apply topically to the skin to rejuvenate and reduce imperfections. 
  • Add 1-2 drops to your favorite daily moisturizer for added skin benefits.
  • Try out the Rose Beauty Mist for a light but refreshing toner before or after applying makeup.
  • Combine Rose Absolute with other favorite essential oils and your favorite carrier oil to create a soothing massage oil. 

Here are some other Rose infused products we want to shout out:


Have you tried Rose Absolute? What are your favorite uses for this prized rare oil?

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