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Spotless Home All-Purpose Cleaner Review

Do you have a love-hate relationship with those nefarious bottles in your cleaning cupboard? Many folks really do love the robust power behind manufactured cleaning products to degrease, degrime and purify surfaces, but hate the chemical exposure.

All things considering, the sticky dribble of maple syrup and cat hair has to be wiped away one way or another. The question you face: are natural products powerful enough to get your home actually clean (without using lots of product and even more time and labor)? And the answer is … it depends. Not every good-smelling essential oil product can perform the deep cleaning duties necessary to keep your space tidy and germ-free. But there are some that actually can… and when blended correctly, they can be just as effective – and more healthy – than those spray bottles lurking in your cleaning cupboard.

Real Oil’s Spotless Home All-Purpose Cleaner is a remarkably safe and effective way to keep your space clean while avoiding exposure to manufactured chemicals. It’s a precisely crafted mix of the best essential oils for deep cleaning, blended with powerful Colloidal Silver to scrub, degrime, and naturally purify your space. A kick of sweet orange and tea tree, a powerful twist of lemon and a blast of balsam fir and pine with other essential oils PLUS the power of purifying nano-silver technology, this cleaner creates a powerful and hard-working tool for cleaning any space (accomplished with the potency you expect from a traditional cleaning product).

Colloidal Silver (if you are not yet familiar with this remarkable tool) is made up of silver nanoparticles in a liquid suspension. Silver has been used historically on the skin, and it has been shown that colloidal silver protects against bacteria and viral compounds. But since it is a natural product, it is healthier, for your kids, your pets, and you, to use in your home than traditional chemical-based products.

Spotless Home All-Purpose Cleaner also includes a blend of the best essential oils for degriming and purifying surfaces. This mix works to clean countertops, microwaves, stoves, tile, linoleum, bathroom surfaces, banisters, doorknobs, and office areas. Spray across soft surfaces such as carpets, drapery, blankets, linens, pillows, couches and stuffed animals for a deep cleaning power and a sweet natural scent. Each essential oil in the blend has a particular strength, and together they create a powerful fusion for a naturally cleaner home:

  • Lemon: A sweet and mellow citrus aroma with serious degreasing power and the ability to cut through daily grime and freshen stale air.
  • Balsam Fir: This warm-scented oil contains a high concentration of organic compounds to aid in the protection against microbial growth.
  • Cedarwood: A natural, yet powerful disinfecting boost with a grounding scent that has the added benefit of discouraging pests like spiders, ants and beetles.
  • Lemongrass: A deep and mellow essential oil aroma that works especially well in bathrooms, kitchens and other dirt-prone surfaces.
  • Cypress: A clean, spicy aroma that works both as a natural deodorant and to purify surfaces (especially in the winter season).
  • Sweet Orange: A delicious and cheerful scent that has the power to penetrate tough dirt and cut through grease on surfaces and floors.
  • Pine: A bracing, balancing addition that that works to eliminate airborne and surface threats and to deodorize.
  • Tea Tree: With a bracing kick, this oil is an effective natural solution for ridding your space of harmful threats as well as purifying surfaces.

Combining these powerful essential oils in the right balance with colloidal silver creates a remarkable natural tool that can leave your space sparkling clean and naturally pure. So, don’t sacrifice your health to save a little elbow grease, or offer up your knuckles and cuticles to the cleaning gods with excess work. Enjoy the best of both worlds … a natural cleaning product that can actually cut through tough dirt and get your home beautifully, and naturally, clean. If you are ready to leverage this natural power, find out more about this product [here!]

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