Tackling New Year’s Goals With Essential Oil Blends

2017 was going to be the year. You were going to learn Italian. You were going to scrapbook all the photos in the basement. You even made that 21-step plan to train for an ultra-marathon. It was just that everything seemed so possible on January 1. Your intentions were sound, you just forgot about, you know, real life. We are now fast approaching 2018—the perfect time to reevaluate, refocus and settle into realistic priorities—and the ideal time to pull out a few practical and effective essential oils to help you really accomplish goals that will improve your everyday.

Getting Fit

If you are starting a fitness routine from scratch, don’t bite off more than you can chew, metaphorically (and literally too, I suppose). Start with small changes. Park farther away at work. Sit on an exercise ball at your desk. Take a walk when you are frustrated or bored (instead of eating). When you need the extra willpower, use Fit essential oil blend, a toning mix of natural essential oils formulated to help you move your body to peak performance. This motivating blend of cool Grapefruit, bright Lemon, warming Peppermint, intense Cinnamon Leaf, and powerful Ginger boosts both physical performance and mental resilience. Use it to turn up the intensity and effectiveness of your workout routine, to tone muscles and joints, and to get your body in prime condition.

If you ready to take your moderate fitness to the next level, take it in measured steps. Many people start exercise goals with zeal—and end up working out too long or at too high an intensity. They risk giving up altogether when their muscles and joints become sore or injured. Plan time between sessions for your body to rest and recover, and use Muscle Soothe essential oil blend for feelings of relief from sore muscles, creaky joints, tight tendons, and any other overworked body part. It’s the perfect mix of mentholated warmth, refreshing spice, and naturally penetrating botanicals to reach the soreness, deep cramping, or occasional discomfort that pops up after physical exertion. The robust aromatherapy scent works deep into your muscles and joints to gently work out the kinks.

Oils to Try:

Choosing Real Priorities

So much more valuable than picture-perfect scrapbooks or conjugating Italian verbs, you can improve your happiness with small but strategic changes. Learning how to handle stress in healthy ways and practicing self-care can create major improvements in the quality of your life. Think about setting some goals in these areas. To lower stress, try simplifying, focusing on relationships, taking time for meditation, and listening to your body. You can only stretch yourself so far before the long-term effects of stress and tension begin to pull things apart. Create a habit of self-care with De-Stress essential oil blend. The scent of Sweet Orange is blended with a twist of sweet Lime, warm Coriander, grounding Cedarwood, and a hint of vanilla to create a powerful tool for balance and focus. Use it to overcome nervous fatigue, to balance external pressure, and to soothe emotional stress.

Before running that ultra-marathon, consider teaching your body first to get proper sleep. You can improve your nighttime experience by exercising daily, developing a bedtime ritual, avoiding screens in the evening, and using Restful Sleep essential oil. This blend has been carefully crafted to help you to release tension so that when the sun rises, you can too. We’ve combined and concentrated premium botanicals shown to promote rest … sweet Lavender, mellow Bergamot, restful Cedarwood, relaxing Lime, calming Marjoram and sweet Vetiver. Use it an hour before bed to help your family relax and feel ready for sleep. For an especially restless night, rub on chest and back to help your body move into a more restful state and stay there.

Oils to Try:

Sticking to It

Any work toward your goal, whether you actually complete it or not, will benefit you. But actually achieving something you set your mind to can give you real confidence and a sense of fulfillment. To make success more likely, set goals that are specific, measurable, realistic and meaningful to you. Place an end-date on them, so that you can celebrate your achievement and re-assess your needs as the year progresses.

Need some daily motivation to keep your eye focused on the goal? Try Citrus Rush essential oil blend to stay energized and motivated. A twist of energizing orange, a squeeze of tangerine, tart lime, uplifting grapefruit, mellow bergamot, and a dash of rustic yuzu give this blend a scent to lift your mood and boost your energy. The sweet and bright scent connects and clarifies emotions.

Oils to Try:

And finally, don’t forget that you are likely harder on yourself than anyone else. Don’t berate yourself for slip-ups. So if you have a bad day, don’t tell yourself that you are weak or bad. Contextualize it as a bad day, and remember that tomorrow is another chance to start over. It is important to be compassionate with yourself, acknowledge your mistakes, and then move on.

**What are working to improve this year?  Share your comments below!

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