Take Charge Of Your Health With All Natural Botanicals

Real Oil essential oils are natural compounds taken directly from plant sources and distilled for maximum potency. And even we admit, it’s no small feat. It takes 30 pounds of lavender flowers, for instance, to create just one 15 ml bottle of Real Oil Lavender. Our essential oils are either cold-pressed or extracted through steam distillation to bring you the best quality product. You can smell the quality every time you pop the lid of a Real Oil bottle.

Essential oils improve your life through exposure to authentic, natural constituents. You can get access to these healthy compounds by breathing them in directly, or absorbing them through the skin. You can blend essential oils together to create delicious aromas that, working together, boost the efficacy of each individual constituent. Surround yourself with the authentic, natural solutions you crave through these quality products that nurture both body and soul through nature.

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