The Guide to Using Essential Oils Like a Pro

There are many effective ways to use essential oils to make your life healthier and happier. The most common are through diffusion, by topical application, and for household purposes like cleaning and deodorizing. Each of these methods has strengths … knowing when to choose one can be a bit tricky. Here is a quick tutorial to help you decide how to effectively get the power of essential oils into your daily life.


Diffusing essential oils is a quick-acting and long-lasting method of personal aromatherapy. To diffuse an essential oil, add a few drops to lukewarm water in an ultrasonic diffuser. This creates an ultra-fine mist that fills the air and quickly gives you all the benefits of pure botanicals. It allows you to breathe, smell, and be surrounded by a manageable concentration of your favorite scents. Diffusing can improve your mood, aid in meditation, boost emotions, bolster your psychology and improve your health.

If you don’t have an ultrasonic diffuser, you can get the benefits of personal aromatherapy with a portable inhaler, or by simply removing the cap and breathing your favorite single or blend directly from the bottle. There are also other types of diffusers and diffusing materials (like stone and fabric) available to spread your chosen scent, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Diffusing is perfect for when you want to effortlessly blend several single oils, to share the benefits with others, to change the atmosphere, and to improve your environment.

Diffusing works to promote energy and sleep, purify the air, and deodorize your space. Use it for long-term exposure to pure oils and overnight aromatherapy treatment. The biggest drawback to ultrasonic diffusers is that they are hard to carry around. But, for daily aromatherapy, diffusing is likely your go-to option.

Topical Application

Application of essential oils to the skin can be a personal, potent, and conveniently portable way to use your collection. It works to improve your physical health and mood, to deepen relaxation, boost emotions, and it allows you to target specific areas of your body for higher potency application.

Many products come pre-diluted and are ready to apply to your skin, but others are sold full strength.

To use full-strength essential oil on your skin, you must first dilute it in a neutral carrier oil such as jojoba, grapeseed, or fractionated coconut oil. Undiluted essential oils alone are too potent and could cause irritation or sensitivities. It is a little more effort, but the benefits are worth it. When you do your own diluting, you can easily create your personalized blends, have control over the content over every product, and moderate the potency to suit your needs.

Topical application also comes with intrinsic benefits – there are few things more comforting than physical touch or a gentle massage. It allows you to target specific areas such as cramped muscles, sore joints, or an upset gut. You can also use it to support your skin health, encourage energy or sleep, and focus and calm the mind.

In the Household

Replace household chemicals and manufactured cleaners with natural essential oils to nurture and protect your home. From stinky gym socks to that weird blue scum you just found on the shower tile, there is an essential oil to conquer every tough job on your list. Essential oils can be used for cleaning, deodorizing, purifying, and filling every nook of your home with personal aromatherapy power.

Use essential oils to complete every day jobs, to deep clean, to freshen laundry, to polish bathrooms and kitchens, to deodorize closets, to de-stink pet areas, to clean children’s and teen’s bedrooms, and for any household chore that needs a natural touch.

Create your own cleaning blends with your favorite essential oils. For some purposes, oils should be used at full strength; others require oils to be diluted with vinegar, water, lemon juice, baking soda, or other natural mediums. Essential oils for household chores work great if someone in your family needs to avoid chemical fragrances for allergy reasons, to keep your family naturally in good health, and to keep your home sparkling clean.

Can I ingest essential oils?

Nope. Not unless you consult with a physician. Even though they are 100% pure and natural, essential oils are potent, and can interact dangerously with medications, or mess with your physical systems. Plus, some that are perfectly safe in the air and on your skin are poisonous when ingested. So keep them on the outside unless you have specific instructions from the doc.

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