The Indispensable Basics Of Essential Oils

Are you ready to build your essential oil collection? Start with the indispensable basics. The Real Oil Body & Mind Essentials Kit contains fundamental oils that you’ll find yourself relying on daily. The sweet and calming scent of Lavender calms and soothes stressed bodies and minds. The sweet mentholated warmth of Peppermint energizes, reduces tension, and gives feelings of relief from sore muscles and joints without having to resort to petroleum goop. Rub a dilution on the back of your neck, along the shoulders, and across the chest to dissolve deeply-held tension.

You can feed your citrus cravings with a bright kick of pure Sweet Orange essential oil. Improve your mood, uncover energy, fight fatigue, and calm nausea with this sunny scent. Breathe the pure constituents directly from the bottle, or add a few drops to a diffuser for aromatherapy benefits. Sweet Orange is also a great way to clean countertops, cutting boards and household appliances without resorting to the harsh chemicals found in most consumer products. A few drops on a cloth can remove gummy grit and grime from kitchen surfaces, and leave a fresh, cheerful scent for the whole family to enjoy.

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