The Life Of Creativity

Are you creative? Do you find renewal and energy in the process? Creativity means breaking out of established daily patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Life is full of ideas, tools, and resources just waiting to be rearranged into a story, an idea, or a work of art.

Where does your creative spark come from? It isn’t a bolt a lightning for every person. It can come from the complex tension that happens between things you can control and those you can’t. Within a sincere creative effort, you have to let go of control, and see where the process naturally takes you. Whether you are working with paints, words, or essential oils, the learning process is part of the experience.

Creativity comes from paying attention to the world around us … something that is becoming more difficult with a major distraction device in every pocket. Allow yourself to observe your surroundings and process them … and even to get bored once in a while! The best stories come out of the places that are difficult, hidden, and even broken. Embrace your challenges. Pushing up against the limits of what you can do helps you find your creative voice. Realize that you will inevitably meet failure along that road. Accept it. Learn from it. Make an adjustment, a change, a revolution and keep moving forward. Look squarely at your rejection, at a conflict, at loss. They are inevitable, but you can “”hold that tension like a violin string”” and pull across it to make something beautiful.

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Written by Jared


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