The Magic of Mist: the Natural Power of our New Bundle

When picturing mist, it’s easy to picture lush green forests of coastal Oregon or envision soft veils of droplets wafting softly across fern leaves. And … okay, sure … some fairies too. There is just something so magical … gentle and powerful … about the idea of mist. Real Oil’s new Aromatherapy Mist Bundle sustains that magic. These natural body products are powerful tools that work to nurture your skin, soothe your body and benefit the mind with the gentle power of aromatherapy.  

Mists are hydrosols – natural solutions that have similar properties to essential oils with a more gentle concentration. Sometimes called “flower waters,” hydrosols are liquids produced during distillation. They carry dissolved components of the origin plant, plus microscopic droplets of essential oil. They work perfectly for daily skin care and gentle aromatherapy support. You can use them to hydrate your skin, cool irritations, give feeling of natural clean, and keep your skin looking young, smooth and beautiful. But these mists do more than that … they work to calm, energize, support and motivate in the same way that essential oils do.

Ready to meet the mists? The remarkable versatility of the Mist Bundle offers you four unique hydrosols, which support you and your entire family.

Lavender Calming Mist

The sweet floral charm of Lavender Calming Mist works to lessen feelings of stress and promote healthy sleeping patterns. The gentle floral scent can fill your home with a gentle and engaging scent to soothe overtaxed bodies and minds, either just before bed or anytime you need emotional relief.

Use it on the skin to hydrate and ease minor topical discomforts. Spritz your pillowcase before bed to envelope yourself in a calm and comforting ambiance that aids rest. A favorite recommendation is using the Lavender Mist in the linen closet.  This keep things feeling clean and smelling springtime fresh … even weeks later. Also, consider using it on stuffed animals to get rid of the funky smells and to give my kids relaxing aromatherapy support all night long.

Peppermint Refreshing Mist

You can use the power of natural Peppermint to get a kick of pure energy and mental focus, without any sugar crash or the jitters from caffeine. The naturally sweet, mentholated scent creates instant feelings of alertness and energy when you are struggling with attention or feeling sluggish or slow.

Use Peppermint Mist at work to fill your space with gentle and refreshing energy in the afternoon, especially after lunch. You can spray it on the skin to quickly reduce the appearance of redness and puffiness – after your favorite tear-jerker movie, for instance. Try using it as a personal fragrance before getting dressed to carry a sweet and natural feeling of energy around with you during the day. Discover a natural boost for body and mind with this easy-to-use aromatherapy tool.

Tea Tree Cleansing Mist

Refreshing Tea Tree Cleansing Mist has remarkable power and natural grit against airborne threats and surface grime. This gentle green aroma is bracing, purifying and uplifting … similar to the essential oil, but with a milder, less medicinal scent. It can be used an all-natural all-purpose cleaner or applied to skin, to fight against whatever threat has made it’s sneaky way through the door.

This purifying mist can also be used on minor scrapes and irritations on the skin. You can use it daily on your face, concentrating on areas that are prone to blemishes.You can also keep it in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink and use it as an after-washing hydration for your hands to keep them clean without drying out your skin.

Rose Beauty Mist

Sweet and gentle Rose Beauty Mist is a compellingly simple solution to benefit your complexion, boost skin health, nourish hair, and augment personal allure. Use it to hydrate, tone and support your skin. Try spraying in on damp-dry hair in the morning for a beautiful shine and nourishing sheen.

Use Rose Mist before putting on my makeup to help things apply more smoothly. The natural hydration helps foundation spread evenly and blend more naturally, and the topical benefits absorb into the skin and last all day long. Perhaps though the best use of Rose is for romantic evenings. The uplifting and relaxing scent sets the perfect aromatherapy ambiance to enhance quality time together.

Try bringing home one of these unique hydrosol mists and begin making your own magic … or try the whole bundle to gently uplift the ambiance in your home, for your family, and to benefit your entire body with the gentle and natural benefits of plant-based products.

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