Three Reasons Why You Should Apply Essential Oils To Your Feet

If you have happy feet, as the proverb goes, it’s easier to find happiness for the rest of the body. That makes a lot of sense — as the feet are literally the foundation of who you are. When applying essential oils, we recommend focusing on your hardworking feet. Here’s why:

  1. Comfort. 

    Using essential oils topically is a great way to get immediate and personal aromatherapy benefits. But since these products are extremely concentrated, they can be too intense for some people’s sensitive skin. Using essential oils on the bottom of the feet reduces the likelihood of irritation, itchiness, or adverse reaction because your feet are less prone to sensitivity. But keep in mind that your feet aren’t little-armored tanks … you still need to dilute essential oils according to safe guidelines to keep the skin on your tootsies healthy and happy.

  2. Connection. 

    According to the practice of reflexology, the feet have intimate nerve connections to the entire body system. This practice from ancient China states that if you treat certain locations on the foot with non-invasive pressure, massage, and essential oils, then parallel parts of the body can benefit … from your brain to your spleen. Reflexology with essential oil is especially helpful for reducing stress and managing some forms of pain. Try applying your favorite blend and using your fingers to gently explore the bottom of your feet and toes. Make note of any area that feels sensitive or sore. Massage the entire surface gently. You can even keep a journal record of how pressure or various blends on different parts of the foot make you feel into the next day.

  3. Efficiency. 

    The feet, like the palms of your hands, don’t have sebaceous glands (which excrete body oil to lubricate and protect your skin). Without glands on your feet, there is less interference and better absorption for essential oils. Think of it as painting on a blank canvas. The skin on your feet is ready to drink in the nourishing and uplifting properties that you offer when you apply an essential oil blend.

Now it’s time to put this knowledge to work!

Try this natural recipe at the end of the day to provide relief to tired feet and ankles. You’ll need:


  1. Add essential oils and Jojoba oil to a glass container and blend well.
  2. Rub generously across feet and wrap in a warm towel.
  3. Keep feet slightly elevated until the oils absorb (15-30 minutes). Gently wipe away excess oil before walking on a slippery surface!
  4. Store excess oil in glass container for later use.

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