Top Seven Essential Oils to Boost Any Back-to-School Routine

Just when mother nature settles in autumn — dropping a few leaves and preparing for a good winter’s siesta — everybody else’s schedule seems to shift into fifth gear. From school, to sports, clubs, homework and hobbies — fall calendars get crowded, and leisure time deflates like a dollar-store beach ball left in the dog kennel.

Meanwhile, the precious few hours that parents stake out between “don’t forget your lunch” and “welcome home” become fully occupied with the overdue tasks left undone during weeks of summer fun. It’s the autumn reckoning that we all face. But while you’ve been vacuuming three-month’s worth of sand out of the bottom of the car, we’ve been cooking up some natural help for families during this busy time of year. From dawn to dusk, we’ve designed our line of pure essential oils to support and protect your family’s health and mental well-being.

Here is how some of our busiest families use these essential oils and blends to keep their engines running strong:

6:45 a.m. The sky may still be dark, but you can diffuse Breathe Free Blend to get reluctant bodies moving in the morning … without resorting to ice cubes down the pajamas. Fill your house with the sweet energy and protection this potent blend affords … feelings of natural defense against whatever bug happens to be going around. (Substitute Kids Breathe Strong Blend for smaller bodies).

7:45 a.m. Just before everyone scatters at the porch, rub a dollop of Attention Ready-to-Apply Blend on hands and wrists to help your kids focus while they are at school. Older kids can take the ready-to-apply bottle with them to have on hand when they need a midday boost (during Algebra, for instance).

8:30 a.m. When mom and dad head to work, they should have a bottle of Immune Boost tucked firmly into a pocket. This bracing blend can be used to shield your immune system from the sniffling and sneezing coworker who decided to “power through” his cold all over your personal space. (Substitute Kids Immune Power Blend for smaller bodies).

4:00 p.m. During the swirling vortex that is afternoon homework time, diffuse Sweet Orange and just a bit of Clove to energize and cheer your family, and keep them focused on the task at hand. Use natural aromatherapy power, rather than caffeine or sugar, to keep your family on task.

6:00 p.m. It’s time to begin unwinding for the day — but if you have a hard time getting that cold fist of efficiency inside yourself to chill for a few hours, diffuse a blend of Lavender and Lemon to create an ambiance of gentle aromatherapy release that can work for the whole family.

8:00 p.m. Create a bedtime routine that you can actually look forward to. Rub a dilution of Restful Sleep Blend on the souls of the feet, over backs, and across wrists to prepare your family to hit the hay. Let natural aromatherapy work to transition your whole family into restful sleep, ready to appreciate those deep REMs and to be ready when the alarm rings to embrace your next busy day. (Substitute Kids Sleep Well Blend for smaller bodies).

With the help of Real Oil, you can make fall’s change-of-pace challenge a bit easier to bear … for yourself and your entire family.

1. Attention Blend
Bring the world into better focus with the power of this stimulating blend. Benefits include feelings of focus, concentration, clarity, better mental deliberation and processing, feelings of alertness and energy, and relief from mental fatigue.

2. Breathe Free Blend
Take a relieving breath with the aromatherapy power of enriching citrus, gentle herbals, and sweet mint. This blend is formulated to boost energy, support healthy respiratory function and restore feelings of easy breathing.

3. Immune Boost Blend
This blend is crafted to support a healthy and resilient immune system. Benefits include increased support against seasonal threats, natural immune strength and resiliency, feelings of easy breathing, preventing airborne threats from spreading, and purifying and deodorizing your personal space.

4. Restful Sleep Blend
This blend is designed to help your body find deep relaxation in a good night’s sleep. Benefits include feeling calm before bedtime, using a purely natural solution to get a good night’s sleep, settling nerves and relaxing muscles to promote better rest, battling feelings of tension and stress, helping your body find more consistent sleeping patterns, and interrupting unproductive thought patterns and stress.

5. Lavender Essential Oil
The gentle floral-spice of pure Lavender essential oil is an indispensable tool for every essential oil collection. From reduced stress to better rest, Lavender supports and soothes with natural botanical strength.

Lemon Essential Oil
Breathe in sweet sunshine with the clean citrus scent of pure Lemon essential oil. This fundamental tool for green-cleaning also has aromatherapy benefits. Enrich your health and cultivate better moods with the bright brawn of this clean force.

7. Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Feed your citrus cravings with a bright kick of pure Sweet Orange essential oil. Improve your mood, uncover energy, fight intermittent fatigue and calm occasional nausea with the natural power of pure essential oils.

Leave a comment below and tell us how you use essential oils during your daily routine.

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