5 Tips for a Happier, Healthier You!

Is your head left spinning from all of the health advice out there? You’re not alone. As we approach a new year, we wanted to simplify things by sharing our top five tried and true tips, as well as some of our favorite products for a happier, healthier you! 

These are our five simple steps to living happier and healthier this New Year.

1. Snack Smart & Clean

    • Avoiding processed foods and eating a clean diet can feel achievable until we’re fighting the urge for a mid-afternoon snack. Somehow, when the clock strikes 3, all of our good intentions seem to get lost in a bag of chips. Next time you feel those cravings coming on, reach for Simple Mills Almon Flour Crackers and Power Up Trail Mix, instead. These aren’t just delicious, they’re clean snacks full of nutrients, and they’re easy to have on hand for when the dreaded afternoon cravings kick in.

2. Rest Easy

    • A good night’s sleep is the key to great health. Unfortunately getting into a good sleep groove is easier said than done. Our Deep Sleep Kit comes with all of the tools you need for a more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. Add in FOMI Cold Therapy Clay Mask as a part of a pre-bedtime cold therapy routine to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, and you’ll find yourself waking up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the day.  If you’re still struggling to achieve good sleep, you should also avoid lengthy daytime naps, exercise regularly, avoid electronics close to bedtime and set and stick to a sleep schedule.

3. Drink More Water

    • Considering our bodies consist of mostly water (55 to 60 percent for adult males, 50 to 55 percent for adult females), staying hydrated should be a top priority. Sometimes, having an awesome drinking vessel is the simplest way to keep up with our water intake. This Buzio Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle is the best of the best – it’s made of the highest quality materials and keeps your water cold for up to 48 hours.
    • Maintaining the proper balance of water has numerous benefits, including increasing metabolism and improving energy levels. One study evidenced that drinking 17 ounces of water boosted metabolism by 24-30% for as long as 1.5 hours. So, drink up! Your body will thank you.

4. Ditch the Energy Drinks

    • We have all heard of the health pitfalls associated with chemical and caffeine-laden energy drinks. We have some awesome alternatives that won’t cost you your health. Our Pure Air Essential Oil Blend can be diffused in the morning for a natural energy boost to help focus and concentration. The citrus in this blend stimulates and invigorates the body without the use of harmful chemicals. You can also kick start your day with Awaken Shower Fizzy. With a bright fusion of citrus and pure mint, you’ll be energized and ready to tackle your day.

5. Find Your Favorite Way to Sweat!

    • Finding an exercise routine that’s fun and something you can commit to is key when you need a little extra motivation to get sweating. These Stack 52 Quick Sweat Fitness Dice, offer a fun and simple new way to get fit. Created by a military fitness expert, these bodyweight exercises can be done almost anywhere and are best when done in 10-15 shorter increments.  It brings greater meaning to “no excuses” when it comes to exercise. Get creative, switch up your routine and make exercise fun. It’s the best way to make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

We hope to provide ready-to-use tools for improving health that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. Check out our Free Immunity Guide or Wellness Sale. for more ideas. Share with us your favorite ways to stay healthy during the year! We love hearing your feedback.

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