Using Essential Oils to Gain Daily Relief

Introducing a stronger, more at ease, and more ready-for-your-day kind of you. Our Real Relief Kit, includes powerful essential oil blends to soothe, support, and give sweet relief to what ails you.

Use Re-Align essential oil blend to support your spine, shoulders, and posture and to relieve nervous strain. Calm deeply-held tension, soothe tired muscles and joints, and lift your mood with this fortifying blend.

Get feelings of deep relief with Muscle Soothe essential oil blend. Soothe aching joints, tendons, and muscles after an intense or extended workout. Use to warm up your whole system to be more limber and relaxed before exercise.

Stay on top of your busy day with Head Ease essential oil blend. Use pure and natural constituents to get feelings of relief from head and neck tension, focus and clarify your mind, and balance emotional and intellectual fatigue.

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Written by Jared


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