Wash Away Bad Odors With This All-Natural Air Freshener

Ready to dive into a more natural life? You can wash away bad odors, environmental threats, and seasonal contaminations with the natural power of Pure Air Essential Oil Blend from Real Oil. It uses the sweet scent of citrus, cypress, and tea tree essential oils to purify your environment. Use it to purify the air you breathe, to avoid chemical deodorants, and to keep your home environment smelling naturally fresh. Need some tips on how to take best advantage of Pure Air in your home? You’re in luck … we’ve polled our staff, and have their favorite uses for this exceptional blend:

1. An all-natural air freshener: Combine 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup alcohol, and add 15-25 drops of Pure Air blend. Shake the mixture before spraying. (The alcohol helps it evaporate more quickly.)

2. A sweet-smelling shortcut: Add several drops to a cotton ball or tissue and tuck it into your vacuum bag as you clean. The air filtering through your machine with spread the powerful purifying constituents around your house to eliminate bad odors and diminish contaminants.

3. And finally, the classic: Simply add several drops of Pure Air to an ultrasonic diffuser with room-temperature water and turn it on to fill your room with a long-lasting and naturally invigorating scent.

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Written by Jared


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