What’s the Scoop: All About Black Pepper

Black Pepper is a vital staple in the kitchen. It adds spice and an extra kick of flavor to liven any meal.

As an essential oil, it relies on that same spice and punch to treat achy, sore muscles, tendons, and joints. Use it to find needed relief for long bouts of standing or even at bedtime to deeply penetrate those chronic problem areas.

The potent nature of black power can kick start your digestive system as well. Where you might otherwise turn to Tum’s for indigestion, use a natural solution and blend Black Pepper with pure Ginger and Chamomile and massage on the stomach. Together they can ease those nagging feelings of discomfort or cramping.

Additionally, because of its powerful flavor profile, it pulls toxins from your system. Rub the warmth and power of Black Pepper on the bottom of your feet before bedtime to naturally detoxify your body. Cover with clean socks and leave on overnight.

If nothing else add this essential oil to energize and add heat to your favorite blend. It will be sure to refresh your spirits with its innate strength.

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Written by Jared


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