Which Frankincense Essential Oil Should You Use?

At Real Oil, we’ve got something really good … three (technically four) choices for pure frankincense essential oil. That means you’ve got options. We offer three types of this ancient and powerful balm so that we can meet all types of wellness needs and accommodate all sorts of budgets.

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There certainly is overlap in how these three versions of Frankincense – SerrataCarterii, and Sacred – function, smell, and interact on a personal level. They are all three pure, highest quality essential oil from the resin of the Boswellia tree. They all have a common woody, earthy scent. All three can calm feelings of tenderness and cramping in joints, muscles, and gut. They can all be used to soothe cuts, scrapes, rashes, scars, blemishes, and minor burns on the skin. All can give feelings of easy breathing and support immunity health when used in a diffuser. But there are also some notable differences to consider when picking which Frankincense is right for you.

Frankincense serrata Essential Oil

Frankincense serrata is a great introduction for those new to essential oils. It is sourced from India, and has a sweet and delicate scent with lemon and pine undertones. Serrata costs less than its Frankincense sisters, and can be a good choice when you are experimenting with oils, or when you need to use Frankincense in bulk. The delicate scent of serrata blends well with the sunny strength of lime, or the warm base of Cedarwood. Plus we have our Organic variation for added level of purity for those looking.

Frankincense carterii Essential Oil

Frankincense carterii is a step up in quality from basic serrata. It is sourced from the mountains of Somalia, and is sometimes called Egyptian Frankincense. The scent is rich, smooth, relaxing, with subtle floral notes. Those who use Frankincense in quantity often choose carterii for its balance of quality, purity and value. Carterii goes especially well with mild floral-citrus scents such as Lemongrass and Lavender.

Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia sacra)

Frankincense Sacred (sacra) is a superior product sourced ONLY from Oman, Arabia. It has a deep, warm and resinous scent with hints of citrus. When you are serious about your Frankincense essential oil, this is the product for you. It is often recommended for those who use Frankincense to address more serious wellness concerns, for those who use it daily on the face, and for those who have especially sensitive skin. It is more expensive, but many find the quality and natural power worth the price. Versatile Sacred Frankincense works as a base for whatever you throw at it … but balances well with a burst of Sweet Orange or the herby strength of Oregano.

To get started with Frankincense, first understand its strengths. For topical applications, Frankincense is especially powerful. Try adding it to a face mask to rejuvenate and boost your appearance. Or add a few drops to your lotion to hydrate and soothe the skin daily.

Sacred Frankincense works extremely well with Rosehip carrier oil or Jojoba carrier oil, give either a try for another very good topical application option.

Frankincense is spiritually calming and centering. Diffuse it during study, meditation, prayer, or exercise for feelings of focus and stress relief.

Whatever version of Real Oil Frankincense you choose, you’ve got a great product to work with. Each has strength, personality, and power of pure essential oil. And although they are similar, each has character that is unique, powerful, and entirely natural.

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